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Every business has its own set of challenges. We at Caucasian are dedicated to offer solutions to help overcome these challenges and get you to the peak of business.


In any industry today, the major point that must be kept in mind during the process of Business Management, is the Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace and of the work force.
That is why today more and more importance in being given to Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS). The development and implementation of a strong HSEMS will in turn boost the internal morale, reduce insurance premium, reduce losses incurred in accidents and thereby enhance productivity and performance.
We at Caucasian, help you to build such a systematic process in your business to help improve delivery with enhanced customer satisfaction.


Disputes in an organisation internally or with clients, can be most detrimental to the smooth running of any business. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a system of formal dispute resolution process to resolve any issues that cannot be resolved amicably.

Caucasian, in partnership with the client’s legal team, helps to set up such a settlement program which keeps a check on the time and cost entitlement. This is set up by comprehensive and exhaustive entitlement submissions in support of the formal dispute process. It also provides the following –

Caucasian through this service tries to enhance the winning chances for our clients and manage the entire dispute process from start to end.


Caucasian works towards getting our clients’ Environment Management System to comply with ISO14001:2004, ISO 14001:2015 or BS 80555 to show their commitment towards safeguarding the environment.

Our consultancy team will help develop and maintain the Environment Management System by first understanding the gaps and issues in the current system and create a methodology to bridge any shortfalls to achieve a compliant EMS.

Periodical audits and reviews will be conducted to ensure maintenance of the EMS is compliant with relevant standards.


To effectively manage projects in any business it is necessary to combine contractual and commercial skills along with knowledge and experience. Caucasian helps look after your profits while you ensure that your projects are delivered on time and quality standards. We achieve this by working hand in hand with the client’s Project Management Team and On-site team to ensure a continuous flow of feedback and updates.
We support our client through the Tender Period, Contract reviews, recommendations & workshops, monitoring and evaluation of the construction period to final project closure and handover.


Caucasian Group, helps in sharpening the competency skills of your employees through continual training for raising awareness of newer skills to enhance their efficacy and proficiency.
Caucasian Management Solutions work closely with institutions, associations specialising in:

Caucasian provides for the following
Third Party Certification, Full Needs Analysis, Competency Matrix Development, Cost Saving Recommendations, Course Development & Delivery and also Internationally Recognized Qualifications


Financial Account management affects the actual condition on an organisation – whether it is a profit making business or running on a loss. Managing your finances in such a way that you make more than your expenses is the key to growth in any business.

Planning is an essential part of an organisation’s success; forecasts, projections, and budgets have always been integral components in any organisation.

Caucasian provides Financial Accounting Services to understand clients FM needs and helps in keeping it at par with the local and international accounting standards.

Caucasian will advise and guide you on ways to improve your organisation’s financial position by: –


In today’s times before venturing into any business deal, one always checks for reliability and trust worthiness among the dealers. A clear mark of quality assurance and compliance with standards set by governing bodies is the number of certifications the organisation has achieved. The most common standards across all industries and a requirement by many governments are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Caucasian helps you in gaining certifications and specialising for these standards. A well-structured and usable management system for your organisation must first be put in place and implemented across all divisions, sections or departments.
An international certification helps to enhance your organisation’s credibility to your potential clients. And it also helps place a set of guidelines and standards to be followed internally to help maintain and enhance performance.


Caucasian helps to analyse your organisation’s current structural hierarchy and the issues related to it. With management expertise of many years, Caucasian helps to understands the problems. We help you in re-structuring the hierarchy, re-assign job descriptions, roles and responsibilities and reporting authorities to make it most cost-effective, convenient and in accordance to your business requirements.
This re-arrangement can help decrease unnecessary tiers of reporting and cost & time involved. This in turn helps improve productivity and efficacy of your professionals who can better focus on a more stream lined job in hand.


Caucasian Group can assist you on a long or short-term basis to effectively and efficiently complete the delivery of projects that might have reached a hard spot.
Our consultants help in managing critical and strategic initiatives that are important to you. We can run rapid diagnosis of dead end projects and revive them back to the track.
We can also take over the leadership of any part of your management as you need for a short period or on a long term basis, refine, restore and hand them back to you.
We also specialise in appointing your team members to tasks and jobs that they are more proficient in and relieve them from ones were they are not very skilled in. these tasks are re-assigned according to skills to increase productivity and speed of delivery.


Caucasian’s Auditing and Inspection services include diverse programs that can cover compliance issues and also your custom program needs. Whatever your business we can cover your industry requirements or organisational demands with our team of highly skilled auditors. We are able to carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, and audits of your systems and processes.


Caucasian’s legal team are seasoned litigation experts and are capable of drafting all types of contracts and agreements as per your business needs.
We are experts in the drafting of agreements such as partnership agreements, employment agreements, and joint venture agreements.
We also review existing contracts and simplify the terms for you to make it easy to understand. We will point out any issues we find in the existing contracts and suggest a solution for you. We provide you with a representation to negotiate changes with written recommendations with lawyers for the same.


Technical drawings or Drafting is very essential to communicate any technical process or system. Caucasian is well equipped with drafting technicians who can put your idea in a series of simplistic and easy to understand Computer Aided Design drawings.

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