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Caucasian companies started off from an inspiration from the Caucasus Mountains that borders between the Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is home to the highest mountain peak in Europe Mount Elbrus.

This was the idea that sparked off the birth of the Caucasian companies the vision to help organisations achieve new heights by helping them in overcoming challenges that slow down business and ensure smooth functioning to achieve maximum success.

The Caucasian companies started in the year 2015. The founder Dr. Peter C. Barnett-Schuster with his 36 years of experience has worked with both the private and public sectors in the Middle East. He observed that there had been remarkable progress made in the Middle East over the last 10-15 years. However, he was also able to identify the remaining challenges faced by both private and public sector firms across the region.

The public sector, he felt had great vision and goals but needed assistance in bringing these to reality. The private sector on the other hand usually lose out on trying to bridge the gaps between different cultures, languages, climate and people and that in the long run had a negative impact on the productivity of the firms.

This drove Dr. Peter C. Barnett-Schuster to contribute to the continuing progress and more successful businesses in and around the Middle East; To be a part of the new and developed Middle East countries.

Thus, started the Caucasian dream a group of highly skilled personnel, best industrial knowledge and impressionable management expertise over years. They came together to bring specialised managerial skills to help public and private firms improve efficiency, productivity and compliance in the following fields.

Occupational Health & Safety Management Services Dispute Resolution Services Environmental Consulting Services
Legal Counsel Services Accredited Training Course Provision Financial Accounting Services
International Certification Services Organisational Structuring Services Project Management Services
Inspection and Auditing Services Contract Drafting/Reviewing Services Technical CAD Drawing Services

The Caucasian companies deal with all operations by-

Our Partners

Caucasian joins hands with firms that are goal oriented with specialty services, as partners.
These partners offer their services under the umbrella brand – Caucasian and they are selected after a careful scrutiny and screening process. It is ensured that the prospective partners are able to meet the standards in service quality and delivery in the timely and meticulous manner that is followed by Caucasian, with a good track record of customer satisfaction and on time delivery.
Our partners are currently operating in Qatar, Malaysia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, Oman, United Arab Emirates.
Some of the roles which our partners deliver under the Caucasian banner are-


Caucasian has all its certifications in place and operates in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2013
Additional certification for ISO 19020:2017 is currently under process. All necessary certifications, permits, licences and registrations are duly in place and fully in line with the legal documentations in place with respect to the industry specifications.

Caucasian also ensures that all CPD schemes are in place for Peer-to-Peer reviews and evaluations of knowledge, experience and competencies off said personnel


Caucasian has accreditations from industry specific associations and experts of the field of service, to keep in line with the latest laws, methodologies and standards.

Eg: National Fire Protection Association, National Association of safety Professionals, British Business Group, British Safety Council, International Institute of Risk & Safety Management.

Even the professionals working in Caucasian companies are appraised according to the CPD schemes for Peer-to-Peer review and evaluation.

Trade Licences

Trade licenses specific to each of the two Caucasian companies are in place with their respective licensees RAK Trade Free Zone and the Government Of Dubai which are annually renewable.

All employees have resident or employment visas from either of the two companies and Caucasian has its Establishment and Immigration cards up to date from the respective authorities.

Caucasian is a one of a kind management solutions group and a one stop shop for all your managerial and business challenges. Our years of expertise and skills are put together with technical know-how and knowledge gathered over the years, to bring a solution to your challenges- bridging the gaps in culture, climate, language etc. and increasing the overall impact on your business performance.

To know more about Caucasian Companies and what we can do for you, contact us on the numbers given below and we will arrange a meeting with you according to your convenience.

Every business has its own set of challenges. We at Caucasian are dedicated to offer solutions to help overcome these challenges and get you to the peak in your business.

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